Nobody plays a sport, thinking they will be a top performer in that sport. But when people start training they say they don’t want to get too big or have too much definition, not realizing that it takes years of hard work to even pull that off. When people play tennis recreationally, they don’t think they will be up against Roger Federer because they know it takes years of hard work and dedication to achieve that.

People have so many misconceptions with training, it is probably due to the media pushing advertisements of how people can lose 20kg in 10 weeks or gain 7kg of muscle in 2 months.

This shit is the reason why people think it is so easy to get the results they desire, and misinterpret how long it will really take to look like someone muscular and “big”. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger trained for 15 years and took steroids to look the way he did. He dedicated a huge portion of his life to gaining muscle and competing in body building competitions and people still think, they could even come close to his majesty. 

Its important to realise that the training you do at the gym is a process. You need to have personal reasons to train that is deeper than “I want to look good”. You will never be healthy if the only reason you want to train is superficial. You need deeper reasons to commit to a training program long term. Your goals propel you forward in life. The more reasons why you have that link to you wanting to train, the easier it will be to commit 100% to your training. Looking appealing is a byproduct of all the hard work you put into your training. It is all about personal growth and pushing yourself in every aspect of your life, including the gym. Looking good comes at the end of pushing yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. The first real results people get is feeling stronger, better mental health, feeling better on the inside, sleeping better, having more positive emotions and other physiological benefits. Being able to enjoy life to the fullest is what training is all about. There is no point having hundreds of millions of dollars when you don’t have your health on point to even enjoy it.

The moral of this entire email is to help highlight your innate nature to think building muscle is easy. The truth is, nothing you do every single day that causes you physical pain is easy. You can change your perspective to make the pain feel worthwhile, but at the end of the day, building good habits is very difficult. Make a list of why building muscle and losing fat is important to you, and read that list every day.

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I’ll see you in the gym!

From Stefan and Team at Fitness Room

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