Arms are important. Everyone likes having bigger arms or more toned, shapely arms. The two muscle groups that we usually refer to when discussing our arm gains are the biceps and triceps, and we’ll be talking about the best way to approach training them right now!

We’ll start with the biggest – the triceps make up 2/3 of your total arm size so we’ll be doing an extra exercise for them. 

– Tricep Pushdowns, for 12 reps by 4 sets

– Skull-Crushers, for 8 reps by 3 sets

– Close-Grip Bench Press/Pushups, for 2 reps by 3 sets

For your biceps, we need a mixture of heavy overload and good technique. A superset can be a good choice here.

– Heavy Barbell Curls, for 8 reps by 6 sets

– Dumbbell Curls, for 12 reps by 4 sets

Remember, the reps dictate the intensity and therefore the amount of weight you’ll be lifting, you want to be failing or at least only a couple reps from failing at each rep amount! In other words, if you’re doing 8 reps for your heavy barbell curls, pick a weight that makes you fail on the 8th, 9th or 10th repetition – then take a rest break.

That being said, we don’t want any ego lifting – keep all your exercises slow and controlled and you might find that supposedly ‘light’ weight will get a lot heavier with good form!

Finally, a quick tip to maximise your arm training, do the exercises you’re worse at first, the priority you give them will help improve weak-points quicker! Similarly, if you have better triceps than biceps, train biceps first, and vice versa if you have better biceps.

Thanks guys! If you would like to bring in a friend to train with, we’re still offering you guys two weeks of Unlimited Group Training for free for any friends you join up! Make sure to get out and enjoy the sun today, we’ll see you all soon!

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