I know It’s getting colder and the comfort of your home is much more appealing than getting your sweat on in the gym, but I believe in you and know you don’t settle for average, so here is a free workout you can do at home!

I wanted to give you a workout you can do from home if you have struggled making it to the gym this week or if you have been feeling demotivated to train!

This workout will require no equipment at all! It will use all the muscles in your body, and will get your heart rate up!

Here it is!

For the beginner:

Squats         x10

Push Ups   x10    x3 Rounds

Sit Ups       x10


Lunges            x10   L+R 

Supermans   x10    x3 Rounds

Leg Raises     x10

For an Intermediate to Advanced Lifter:

Jump Squats     x20

Push Ups           x20    x3 Rounds

Sit Ups                x20


Jump Lunges     x20

Supermans        x20      x3 Rounds

Leg Raises         x20

Hope you have a killer week full of inspiration!
Get out of your comfort zone!

Stefan Pejoski and Team at Fitness Room

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