A vegan diet has helped me in so many ways to become a healthier version of myself. I carry less body fat, I feel stronger, and my joint health from training is so much better. 

If you do decide to go vegan, it’s super important you do it correctly as to not miss out on any nutrients.

It is very easy to miss nutrients on this diet and if you don’t do it right, then people tend to fall off the diet and blame the diet instead of themselves for not following it correctly.

A healthy vegan diet incorporates a large range of health foods like beans, onions, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, wholemeal grains, fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs and some supplements.

Here’s one of my favourite meals to eat on a daily basis. I sometimes even eat this meal twice a day just to save time because it takes:
100g of Quick Oats
50g of Normal Oats
50g of Dates
1 Banana
50g of Walnuts
50g of Chia Seed Blended 
50g of Flax Seed Blended
250ml – 450ml of Soy/almond/ milk
1/2 Table Spoon of Cinnamon 

If how I eat on a vegan diet interests you, I covered this topic in my recent YouTube video, links down below!


And lastly, 

Remember to eat nutritiously dense foods, snack less, and smile more.

Hope you have an awesome day!

Stefan and Team at Fitness Room 

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