You might have woken up today with no motivation to do anything. You have a week ahead of you that you are dreading and you hate your job. I’m about to tell you something that contradicts everything you’ve ever been told. Do things you hate. There are a lot of things about my job that I hate but they must get done. Only do things you hate if they get you closer to achieving your bigger goals. What do you invest your time in? I invest into helping other people so they can get fit and healthy. I invest my time, my money, and my energy in the hopes that all of my clients will turn their lives around, get healthier, fitter, lose weight, and gain muscle. This is great, I love helping people and I believe I will change this entire planet. Although this is true, it would have never happened if I stayed at Goodlife health clubs as a personal trainer. My impact on this planet has expanded with the more risks I’ve taken.

I think it is time you get a job that serves your purpose in life. My purpose is to change the schooling system, help people turn their life around in a significant way, and to lower the cost of living for everyone forever. What I am doing right now will help me achieve that. I hate writing books, but I still write them. I do things I hate because I know they will produce the results I need to change this world. 

Find your purpose and let it serve you and humanity.
You will be far happier in life if you used your energy to help solve the problems that other people are experiencing. The bigger their problems, are, the bigger the financial, spiritual and emotional pay off. 

If you are finding it hard to motivate yourself, don’t hesitate to respond to this email with a question of yours.

I hope the rest of your Monday is full of motivation to achieve the goals you set for yourself.
Remember to set goals, and make them big. Make your goals so big that it inspires every part of you to take action on them.

Have an awesome day,

Stefan Pejoski and Team at Fitness Room

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