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Most of us have heard of Intermittent Fasting as a tool to help lose weight, so we’re going to break down exactly what it is and hopefully make it easier for you to decide whether or not it will work for you!

First off, as with most things relating to nutrition, you have to take everything with a grain of salt and experiment with the advice yourself. If Intermittent Fasting works great for you, then that’s another thing you can use to get results. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s also completely fine! 

How It Works

Intermittent Fasting is thought to work by using bodyfat as energy, instead of drawing energy from the food you eat. It may also be helpful in managing blood sugar levels. This is because you wont be eating sporadically throughout the course of the day, so it may help with avoiding spikes and crashes in your energy levels.

How To Do It

You just carve out a window of time during the day where you eat all of your calories and fast outside of this window. The most common way to do it is fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8, but some people have smaller eating windows. Remember that the most effective method is the one you can actually stick to, so customise the timing based on your schedule and lifestyle. For example, if you prefer to eat early then make your window earlier in the day.

Getting through the time around your eating window can be challenging, so make sure you’re always drinking water to help satiate any hunger.

Cons of Intermittent Fasting

Depending on how you set up your eating window, it may impact social events or family time. Most people don’t want to be the one going out with friends or family but refusing to eat or drink because their eating window is in the morning.

For physiological issues, make sure to consult your doctor before taking on any drastic changes with your diet. Intermittent Fasting is probably not going to be suitable for anyone struggling with their blood sugar or digestion. 

Eating this way isn’t for everybody, if you can’t see it working out for you then don’t force it just because it may improve your results!

I used Intermittent Fasting when I was losing weight. I personally started eating at 2PM and finished my last meal by 8PM. That’s what worked for my schedule and I felt like it definitely helped keep my energy levels high when it mattered, (during training). I did a few workouts fasted and they felt ok, but I usually did my sessions around 4PM or 5PM. Placing the session in the middle of my window helped maintain my training quality, even though I was eating less food overall.

Thanks guys! If you guys have any questions then feel free to let us know. We’d be happy to help!

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