5 Reasons Your Weight Isn’t Changing 

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During a weight loss process there can be some discouraging times. Sometimes you’re putting in all the right effort into your diet and training but you haven’t been seeing any results. Here are a few things that can have a major impact on your body and overall health, so make sure you’re on top of all of them!

Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein intake can affect your body in lots of ways. First off, we all need protein and most of us need more than we think, especially if we’re training a few times each week. Meals that are high in protein will make you feel fuller for longer, which is extremely important for fighting off snacking. 

Protein is obviously the most important for recovery, and that’s because it helps grow our muscles bigger and stronger. More muscle on your body means you’ll be burning more fat while at rest, and you also get to eat more (nutritious!) food, which is a big plus. Make sure protein comes first when you’re designing your diet!

Drinking Your Calories

Liquid calories affect your progress in two ways. They are easily digested when consumed and they are often hidden and easy to forget about. It’s easy to ignore the calories in the sugar or milk we add to coffees/juices/smoothies, but they add up and will throw off your diet. Oils are also calorically dense and we often forget to track them when we make our meals. Anytime you cook a meal with oil, there’s probably an extra 100 – 200 calories in that meal. Liquid calories add up quickly, so make sure you’re mindful of them. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

This is a big one for general mental and physical health. With regards to losing weight, a lack of sleep will increase stress hormones that make your body store fat. If you don’t manage to get enough sleep, you’re significantly slowing down your progress, especially if you lost sleep and trained earlier that day. Do your best to get 50 – 70 hours of sleep per week. It will make training feel way better and you’ll also look and feel healthier. 

Artificial Sweeteners

While artificial sweeteners don’t carry the calories of sugar, it still has the same negative impact on your brain. To our brains, food is a reward and it activates the pleasure sensors. Artificial sweeteners don’t completely activate food reward pathways in the same way as sugar, which actually sounds favourable. However, partial activation actually contributes to increased appetite and sweetness cravings, because of that lack of complete satisfaction. This is thought to increase food seeking behaviour. So while it doesn’t directly affect your weight, it may contribute to a binge that will ruin a week’s hard work!

Building Muscle

Changing your body composition takes time, especially if you’re losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. This is why we take photos, measurements and record your weight on the scale. Remember that the scale is just a number and just another way to measure progress. If your weight doesn’t move but your limbs are getting a bit bigger and (ideally) your waist is staying at a relatively constant number, you’re putting on muscle and losing fat! This is not an easy thing to do so you should definitely be proud of yourself!

Thanks guys! If you have any questions about anything then let us know, we’re always happy to help!

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