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What's included with your group training membership

1. Free Measurements, Photos and Weigh-Ins to keep you Motivated Every Month

2. Free 24/7 Pass to our Gym

3. Free Goal Setting and Nutritional Consultations Every Month


Our Group Sessions change each day, but the content is always a focus on weight training with added bodyweight conditioning and cardio elements. We place emphasis on teaching each individual the correct form for functional movements so you get consistent results and avoid plateaus. Our training is specialised to boost your metabolism, which will enable you to burn more fat while at rest due to EPOC, (the Afterburn Effect), and also improve your energy levels. Our training is also suited for all traditional goals like toning up, losing bodyfat and getting fitter and stronger. 

We cap our sessions at 12 people in order to maximise everyone’s experience. Keeping our training sessions smaller allows our trainers to ensure everyone’s technique is safe and efficient and also allows them to regress exercises for any clients with injuries and even progress exercises for clients as they get stronger.

The cost varies based on how many sessions you would like to do per week. Memberships range from $20 paying casually, up to just $55 per week for unlimited group sessions. This allows you to choose a number of sessions that suit your budget and your schedule. 

We are located at 51B Bond Street, Ringwood VIC 3134. There are 6 on-site parking spots and an abundance of street parking outside of the gym is available.

Yes! All Group Training Memberships will get you a free access keycard to use the gym outside of group session times.

This is dependent on each individual and the injury they are facing. We advise you seek medical clearance from your doctor before beginning any exercise programs. If you have been given permission to begin exercise, we would be happy to modify sessions to work around your injury in order to get you back to being 100%.

Want to try 7 days of Free Training before you commit to anything?

*There are no fees with this trial and there is no obligation to continue afterwards*

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