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What We've Achieved


Just under a year ago, I started training with Fitness Room. I was obese with very little muscle mass, I had terrible self image and a bad relationship with myself. I was still dealing with the grief of losing my 12 year old brother and had no idea where to start. With a generous free trial, the team at Fitness Room took a chance in me, made me feel like they cared, and consistently pushed me to perform harder without any judgement. The personal touch to their training made me feel accountable, and as much as I felt like death each session, I kept coming back. I have to thank everyone at Fitness Room from the absolute bottom of my heart because their passion for health and fitness pushed me to excel in ways I never thought I could. I can’t even relate to the person I was a year ago. Now I’ve lost over 20kg and I’m confident I will reach my goal weight. Thank you guys for helping me to love and believe in myself again. 



I started at Fitness Room in March at 96kgs. Since then the amazing staff have guided me through really enjoyable group sessions and a nutritional plan that assisted me in losing 17kgs! I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and I’m finally feeling like I have a grasp on how to be the healthiest version of myself. My routine is totally different now and I don’t feel fatigued even though I’m doing more with my day. 

The community at Fitness Room makes you feel so welcomed, it doesn’t have that intimidating feeling you get at larger gyms. The kind staff are always willing to work with me when my prior injuries prevent me from performing an exercise. I am so thankful for Fitness Room and everything the’ve done for me!


Vega Transformation front

I started the group training at Fitness Room in the beginning of March 2019 (11 months after I delivered my 2nd baby), and this is the current result. I started at 64kg and lost 5kg of fat! It was not easy but when there is a will, there is a way! Now I feel healthier, stronger, happier and more confident.
Big thanks to the team at Fitness Room! All the soreness over the last few months have really been worth it and I look forward to the next challenge!



I can honestly say that I have never been as impressed with how the trainers at Fitness Room have impressed me. They have created a fun and supportive space that has built my confidence in tackling challenging workouts. They charge a super reasonable price and they really try to accomodate to everyone’s needs in each boot camp session. If you’re feeling demotivated or you don’t know how to get started, Fitness Room can definitely help you get where you want to go. Thanks guys for being such a huge support over the last few months!


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I started training with Fitness Room 3 months ago. Since I started I’ve seen amazing results and the trainers there are awesome.

Thanks so much Stefan for helping me every step of the way and giving me more help than I ever would’ve thought to help me see results. 



Thanks heaps to the team at Fitness Room! I started at 84.3kg and was demotivated by previous training experiences. 

After training at Fitness Room for about 6 months I’m currently sitting at 75.7kg. I did 4 sessions per week and lost a bunch of bodyfat and put on heaps of muscle. I’m so happy with where I’ve gotten but I’m still going to push for my goals and get more results and build more muscle. Can’t wait!