Marcus and I have put together 3 ways you can stop wasting time in the gym!

Note: You can only take a photo for social media after you have finished a workout. Don’t you dare take photos mid-training session, or the gains goblin will come and steal your gains. 

In all seriousness, here are our 3 ways you can maximise your time in the gym:

1) Isolation vs Compound Exercises

When we train in the gym, you have an option to either isolate the muscles you work on, or target a bunch of muscles at once. You obviously get more out of your training by not isolating your movements and instead, working on compound movements. A compound movement is an exercise that requires 2 or more joints to be moving in order to contract your muscles.

I’m not saying isolation movements are bad by the way, it’s just that they are simply not the best way for your body to grow in the shortest period of time. If you want to refine your body for a bodybuilding comp then isolation movements are completely necessary. Isolation movements are also great for injury prevention and activating muscles but not for full body muscle growth. As a general rule, isolation movements should be done to supplement our big compound movements.

2) Big Compounds Create a Greater Physiological Response

The big benefits of using compound movements in the gym are: more muscles are activated stimulating growth, faster response to muscle gain, aids in recovery (in some cases when training frequently), and they are typically more functional movements.

Isolating your muscles when training takes longer to train your entire body. This means you spend more time training individual areas of the body instead of stimulating more areas at once in a single session, which is going to make it longer until you see results.

3) What Are Some Great Compound Movements You Can Do

Some great compound movements include Squat, Barbell Deadlift, Barbell Row, Pull Ups, Lunges, Push Ups, and Bench Press. Do these movements as often as possible to help stimulate muscle growth! You’ll be wasting your time in the gym otherwise!

To conclude, do more compound movements to get more results and stop wasting your time! A lot of people train their butts off in the gym but get no results. It is because their program isn’t structured well and they end up trying to train like a bodybuilder before they even have a decent amount of muscle on their frame!

If you need any help with performing any of the movements listed above or would like to discuss your current fitness routines, we would love to help you, so let us know!

Best of luck and keep getting your gains!

Stefan Pejoski and Team at Fitness Room

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