Hey guys, Marcus from Fitness Room here! We’re debunking four common weight loss myths today, so let’s cut the fat and get straight into it.

Carbs Are Bad For You

Carbs are required for you to properly function on a day to day basis. They are extremely important in providing energy for exercise, but they also provide energy for your brain in order for it to work optimally. People eating low carb (not keto), often report brain fog and dizziness, so don’t cut them out!

A quick note on keto: Low carb does not equal keto – a keto diet is no carb. Everyone is different and I’ve had a few clients in the past that actually have better diet adherence when on something more extreme, like a keto diet. However I would not recommend this to many people. Keto is unnecessary in order to achieve most people’s goals and merely makes the whole process more difficult. Eating so little carbs that your body is forced to produce ketones for energy is not an easy thing to do. Just stick to a normal caloric deficit and make steady progress!

You Have to Starve Yourself

This is actually extremely counter-productive. Most fad and crash diets do work for a very short period of time before your body realises what’s going on and actually starts to store more fat and fight your weight loss efforts. We can’t outsmart evolution, our bodies want to maintain homeostasis and if we shock our bodies with cutting a ton of calories, it is going to fight back.

All Calories Are The Same

Losing fat is a simple process, but not an easy one. You just need to burn more calories than you consume. You could technically create a deficit eating pizza and donuts every day. However, you will be extremely micronutrient deficient. You’ll be getting next to no vitamins or minerals and this will kill your diet’s longevity. Whilst incorporating ‘refeed’ days or a cheat meal when your training performance is declining can be beneficial, making up the bulk of your nutrition from bad foods will not yield any results. When it comes to being healthy, calories are not created equally.

Fat Makes You Fat

Fats are extremely important for a number of functions in your body, namely hormone regulation and vitamin absorption. This myth might come from fat containing 9 calories per gram, compared to protein or carbohydrates which contain 4 calories per gram. This means we have to be careful not to spill over with our fat consumption, especially with oils as they add up quickly. Finding a balance with your fats is important, and we should also be mindful that they’re coming from good sources like seeds and nuts.

If you have any questions about anything here then don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to have a chat and get you on the right track to hit your goals. Thanks guys!

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