Today we’re talking about APT (Anterior Pelvic Tilt)

Anterior Pelvic Tilt (ATP) refers to when your hips rotate forward, making your butt stick out and can even create lower back pain. APT is very common due to our lifestyles creating weak and tight muscles, mainly through sitting – whether that be at a desk, in a car, or just due to inactivity. We tend to sit a lot more than we ever used to and our bodies are worse off because of it! If you hate reading, check out the YouTube video of this email linked at the bottom!

Okay! So the first thing we’re going to do to fix your Anterior Pelvic Tilt!

Before getting to the actual stretches, you need to create a schedule! Nothing will change unless you’re stretching every single night for at least 30 seconds in each stretch hold position, and then gradually increasing up to 1 or 2 minutes as you improve.

The actual muscles we need to stretch are: Lower Back, Hip Flexors and Quadriceps – do the stretches listed below and build them up over time!

Lower Back: Child’s Pose

Hip Flexors: Half-Kneeling Stretch

Quadriceps: Standing Quad Stretch

The second part of the process is to develop the weak muscles that will pull your hip back into place. The number one muscle group that we need to work on to fix our APT are our glutes. They play a huge role in our hip functionality and are also some of the biggest muscles we have, so we need to give them the proper attention!

The second major muscle group we need to train are our abs – once again our core is a very important muscle group to keep strong to support our posture! And finally, we also need to work on our hamstrings to balance out our quadriceps, which are usually much more developed than our hamstrings! 

The exercises we can use to develop these are:

Glutes: Glute Bridges (Band around the knees)

Glutes/Hamstrings: Single Leg Glute Bridge OR Romanian Deadlift

Abs: Fitball Ab Crunch (disengages hip flexors from the movement, compared to a normal ab exercise!)

Remember, if you combine stretching and training, and remain consistent, you will see results. You can’t do this ‘every now and then’ and expect to see great results. Make sure you set a strict time each day to devote to your training and to your stretching. After doing that then you will start to see results. 

If you need some help with losing weight or building muscle, simply message me for a 14 Day Group Training Trial!

Hope you’ve had an awesome day!

Stefan and Team at Fitness Room

Here’s a link to the YouTube version of this video:

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