If you have any common postural abnormalities, you’ve probably noticed them and want an easy fix. Luckily, all that’s needed is a bit of stretching, strengthening the right areas and consistency over time!

We’ll focus on upper body posture today, so we’ll be talking about forward head, rounded shoulders and hunched upper back.

The exercises you’ll need to be doing to strengthen your back and rotator cuff are listed below. If you need an explanation of how to do these movements then watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxrAl61Lifg

Face Pulls



Now that we’ve strengthened the weak muscles that are hopefully beginning to pull your head and shoulders back and lift your chest up, we need to stretch out the tight and usually overworked muscles. The muscles we’ll be stretching are below, once again, the video contains a tutorial on how to stretch the following muscles. Feel free to google other stretches relating to these muscles and see what works best for you!




Because of our daily life being filled with front ended movement, e.g. driving a car or typing on a computer, it will take time to improve our posture in the 30 – 90 minutes we might devote to exercise. The movements above don’t take very long to do, so you must be consistent with the frequency that you do them. Thankfully their effects will be fairly immediate as you start to feel your mobility increase.

If you have any questions about anything here or you’d like us to cover other muscle groups, then don’t hesitate to let us know.

And finally, for the rest of August we’d like to give you guys free training every time you refer a friend to come and workout with you! You’ll get 4 weeks free once your friend joins up after their trial, so theoretically you could get years of free training, but we’ll leave that in your hands. Have a great week, thanks guys!

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