The 3 Best Exercises For Weightloss!

Hey, it’s Stefan here from Fitness Room! I have the best exercises for weightloss that you can do anywhere!

Some of the exercises I chose may not be your favourite, but they will definitely tingle your calories, get your muscles working, and help you burn fat!

Here are the 3 exercises that I vote to be the best for weightloss!

Number 1

Jump Squat

Technique Points: 

– During the entire movement, keep your back flat from your hip to your shoulders.

– Keep your feet facing straight forward, or slightly pointed out.

– Drive your knees outwards, in line with your feet.

– Breathe frequently to keep up with your body.


Performing a Jump Squat can be tricky so a regression of the movement is a Bodyweight Squat.

Number 2


Technique Points:

– Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart

– Push your hip back and fall to the ground

– Push yourself up

– Slow down as you land on your hands


If you are struggling to perform any part of the burpee, a regression of this movement is a slow burpee. So instead of doing this movement with high intensity, walk through the movement instead!

Number 3

Step Ups

Technique Points:

– Press up all the way and gently lock the knee to straighten leg fully

– Land gently not get injured

– Press up with the majority of pressure on the leg that is elevated on the bench


When doing step ups, to perform the movement easily, ensure to step up with both feet at the top of the step. This helps you stay balanced.

If you have found some value from this, make sure to check out the video version of this email, we had a bit of fun filming it with a 3 minute Burpee challenge!  If you are interested in a training program that is fast paced, only 30 minutes long, burns fat and builds lean muscle, message me for a 14 Day Trial at Fitness Room in Ringwood! 

See you in the gym,
Stefan and Team at Fitness Room

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