Do you want great legs? Do you think you need to spend hours doing squats and lunges? Well that isn’t the case! If you can attack a workout with a huge amount of intensity, you will be amazed at the results you’ll get in a short period of time!
The attached video down below will show you the movements and go into greater detail regarding the technique and form, but we’ve got it here for you for easy access:

Here’s the workout:

Jump Squats x10

Kettlebell Squat x10 

Step-Ups x10 (five each leg)

Bulgarian Split-Squat x10 (five each leg)

Jump Lunges x10 (five each leg)

Lateral Jump Squats x10

Repeat for THREE rounds with NO REST!
That’s right, NO rest. You got this!
The key to getting the most out of your workouts, no matter what they are, is consistency. The exercises in this workout are broad enough to cover the major functions of your quads so all you need to do is do the workout!
This is a workout you can do anywhere, remember that all the lactic acid will eventually pass and you’ll have some awesome legs to show for it!
Give it a shot!

Good luck,

Stefan and Team at Fitness Room

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