3 Things to Avoid to Lose More Fat

1) Negative or stressful environments

This could mean driving too frequently, going to a job you hate, family that’s unsupportive or friends who are shit that are causing you to have more stress.
Having higher levels of stress is associated with extreme weight gain or extreme weight-loss. This is problematic because if you constantly throw your hormones out of whack through elevated cortisol (stress hormone), your body will not achieve homeostasis and heal. Under environments that promote chronic stress, the body is thrown into inflammation mode and will struggle to get better. Whilst stressed, heaven forbid you have a poor night’s sleep, eat a pizza or an oily dish that’s hard to digest. If you were to do any of that, you can expect to increase your inflammatory response within the body, and over time can lead to chronic health issues, including cancer. 

2) Fast Food Addictions

I recently ate a slice of Vegan pizza. It had been months since I had the taste of processed foods. I am usually very good with my diet and how I eat the majority of my calories from healthy foods, but I ended up binging on the entire pizza. It tasted so good, and I wanted even more after eating it too, classic. 

What was worse is that after I ate the entire pizza, I went to binge on other unhealthy habits that weren’t food. They were destructive habits, like playing video games, lying down doing nothing, thinking about taking action but doing nothing and overall feeling lethargic, I didn’t even have the mental energy to do my own washing! I had no discipline, it somehow flew out the window. With my self-control destroyed and after feeling emotionally beaten up, I vowed to never eat pizza again. 

I then went to eat pizza the very next weekend. Leading up to the very first bite, I had visualized every sensation of devouring the perfectly seasoned pizza, BBQ sauce oozing out of every crevice. When I grabbed the pizza boxes to bring them to my car, I was shaking with sheer joy and ecstasy, imagining how the first bite would taste. I had butterflies in my stomach, it was like I was going on a date with a girl but instead it was a smoking hot box of Pizza. I’m not sure what I would have preferred at that moment, a smoking hot pizza, or a smoking hot date. I think it’s pretty clear I’d go for the pizza.

The moral of this story is that even one taste of the devil will send you to hell. 
Stay strong baby, you got success waiting for you on the other side of discipline. 
It may suck to think about your friends going out late and partying having fun, or others enjoying whatever food they like in the moment, but when you really look into the emotional and physical damage fast food causes, it will make you think twice about taking a bite of the devil.
Things that help prevent me from meeting the devil are:
Thinking about the morning after you have a late night or drink alcohol. 
Thinking about the repercussions of how my dietary choices will impact my mood, my state of being, my ability to have self-control and discipline, my overall happiness and having my good chemicals being adjusted and tampered with by processed shit that shouldn’t be in my system.

3) Poor Sleeping Habits

Your stress levels and sleep are tied together, having insufficient or poor quality of sleep will affect your mood, your energy, your gut, and how much weight you put on from that burger.
A lot of my clients do all the right things but are constantly stressed and therefore have a poorer quality of sleep and therefore, end up gaining more fat and getting sick more frequently. Even if they slept for 8 hours, it won’t do shit for their health because of all the suppressed emotional pain they are running from. This demotivating cycle makes it hard for them to step up their game and take their health into their hands. If you are someone struggling with this, I would look into your social environments and how they are affecting you. 

Ask yourself the question: ‘how do I feel when I’m done hanging out with Craig or Jeremy?’ – ask yourself this even after hanging out with your mum! If you are leaving the presence of people feeling worse than when you met up with them, it’s a huge red flag. Limit your exposure to them and people like them. Supplements that can aid with a better quality of sleep are Omega 3 DHA and Magnesium. Foods that can help you get a better night’s sleep are pepitas, bananas, and flax seed. Waking up early and exercising before 4pm can help as well. Do not use lights in your house after 8pm and discontinue the use of electronics after 8pm. Stretch your muscles for 20 to 30 minutes and write your goals down for the next day right before you go to sleep! If you still struggle a few weeks after doing that, see a professional in that field to help you out!

These 3 points will help you along your fat-loss journey, and of course there are many other points that will help you; like implementing less sugary drinks into your diet, less alcohol, eating more plant based foods, and lowering your intake of saturated and trans fats. 

If you are struggling to lose weight and feel like you’ve tried everything, Stefan Pejoski and the team at Fitness Room can help you achieve your goals, and much more. Don’t hesitate to shoot us a message if you need any assistance with your training, nutrition, or would like to do a 14 day Trial at Fitness Room!

Stefan Pejoski and Team at Fitness Room

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