Winter has officially arrived. Your car will have ice on it in the morning, you will struggle to get out of bed, and your motivation to train will be lower. If most winter days were like today, we’d actually enjoy winter, lets be honest.

But winter isn’t usually as sunny as today, and I know you’ve been on and off with motivation. I’m here to kick you in the ass so you get motivated again!


Get to bed earlier

This is a no-brainer, sleeping earlier will make you feel way better during the day. Running on poor quality sleep is no fun. It is simply a recipe for a disaster. You can only get away with it for so long, and then your body falls apart. Your body needs time to flush out toxins and waste particles that build up within muscles. Your hormonal balance will not be in homeostasis until you sleep as much as your body wants. I used to go to bed at 2am every night for 2 years. After I realised how much damage I was doing to my body, I tried to stop but I wouldn’t feel tired until 1am then wouldn’t be able to sleep till 2am. It took a year to get into a sleeping pattern that was before midnight, and even now I’m trying to lower it to 10pm. Just these last few months I’ve felt ridiculously healthy, way stronger in the gym, my body is retaining muscle much easier, and I’m a far healthier weight. I have much more emotional stability now that my sleeping pattern is earlier.


Don’t hit snooze

Hitting snooze is saying no to your day. We weren’t put on this Earth to stay cozy, once you wake up you’ve got to attack your day and start building momentum! Take action on your goals, write them down (Tip 4 Talks about this).
When we hit that snooze button, we are subconsciously telling ourselves that the act of living can be put off, and something else is more valuable (our time in bed). If you are going to hit snooze in the morning, it means you simply did not accomplish Tip 1 well enough. You need to go to bed earlier to have more energy. Eat a variety of healthy plant foods like beans, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Foods like these will give you so much more energy. People ask me where I get all my energy from, I tell them it’s a mixture of diet, exercise, having purpose, sleeping on time, getting sunlight and smiling more. Its a lifestyle.


Cheat Meals are a no no 

Cheat meals are the devil. You are only attracted to having a cheat meal when you are only half assing your efforts at the gym or with your fitness goals. When we look for ways to destroy our own success, it is typically when we aren’t doing everything in our power to achieve our goals. It’s time you say no to cheat meals. This isn’t about discipline, it’s actually about taking more action towards the attainment of your goals.

If you are going to eat bad food, choose 1 meal every week you will compromise. I sometimes swap my Saturday dinner with a Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza (very specific I know). Obviously the weeks where I don’t eat this I feel way healthier, I sleep better, and I also have better skin. Last week I skipped my cheat meal for those reasons, and I made sure I listened to my body.


Write down your goals daily

Every morning and night for a few minutes, you should briefly write down your goals in a journal. Keep this journal next to your bed.

When I started implementing this, I would write my goals as if I hadn’t achieved them. Now, I always write my goals as if I have already accomplished them. I write things like; I’m one of the healthiest people alive, I’m confident, I’m respected and respectful, people appreciate my thoughtfulness, I own 10 gyms in Melbourne, I’ve changed the schooling system forever, I’ve lowered the rates of depressions worldwide, I earn $20,000,000 per month. Writing these every morning and night helps prime my mind to be switched on during the day. It allows my subconscious mind to actually believe I have attained these goals already. You have to truly believe you deserve something for that reality to become true. Affirm your success, I promise it will change your life. 

I hope you enjoyed my tips for motivation!
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